Amsterdam Produce Show

On November 2 & 3 de Présence represented, in cooperation with the City of Rotterdam, the Rotterdam World Food Parc at the Amsterdam Produce Show.

World Food Parc

Rotterdam is the world’s second largest importer of fresh food, is Europe’s largest deep sea port, and is the gateway to over 500 million people. With treatment of nine million tonnes of fresh products, with the availability of investing capital and triple helix cooperation, the Rotterdam region is the obvious location for putting innovations into force.

Rotterdam is creating the world’s most innovative region. In anticipation several experimental pilots are presented to you at our presence at the Amsterdam Produce Show, such as valorisation of food waste flows, production of sustainable energy, flexible labour contracting and a smart logistic system.

Amsterdam Produce Show

The Amsterdam Produce Show is created by the award winning New York produce show & London produce show. The show aims to connect growers and suppliers of food production and flowers with as many buyers as possible.