Fed Up is a must see documentary about the sugar, fastfood & processed Food Industry in the USA.
It describes a systematic political failure of the US government. They have placed private profit and special interest ahead of Public Health. Why?

Between 1977 and 2000 the sugar industry has doubled in size, is extremely powerful and there’s a lot of money involved. The United States Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs also known as the Mc Govern committee, wanted to publish a study about minimizing sugar consumption. The industry complained and the report was rejected. A modified report was published. The message minimize consumption was replaced by ‘eat less fat’. Light products became a new industry. But what happens if you reduce fat…?. Correct, you add sugar! How does sugar affect our body?


Consume 160 calories of almonds. Because of the fiber in the almonds the food is not going to get absorbed immediately so your blood sugar rise is going to be a lot lower and longer.

The opposite of the almond is a softdrink. Because there are no fibers it goes straight to the liver and it gets a big sugar rush. The liver has no choice but to turn the sugar into fat immediately.

Fructose can only be processed by the liver. When the liver is pushed to the maximum the pancreas comes to the rescue by producing access amounts of a hormone called insulin. Insuline is the energy storage hormone. It turns sugar into fat.

In an average US supermarket there are around 600.000 food items. 80% of them contain sugar. With fruit you’ve got the fiber that mitigates the negative effects. If you take the fibre out negative effects are unavoidable.

The industry is marketing their products as if they are ‘healthy’ but think twice… By using carefully chosen words they focus the conversation the way they want to. Often time healthy ingredients become unhealthy after it has been processed, much of what is added to the foods may be harmful to our health. “Junk is still junky even of its less junky!!!”

Sugar sells. Not only the sugar industry knows that, but also the US government is painfully aware, given the high number of obese (two-thirds of the US citizens, Collective Evolution). The involvement of the (sugar) industry in political decisions is very powerful. Just because of 1 reason: economic power!

How would we be able to reduce the amount of sugar on offer? Besides pointing the finger at the private and public sector, we should blame ourselves too, shouldn’t we? We are the ones buying this food and we are the ones that need to change.

Educate, inform and create awareness, this is the key to change!