Together with Kiki Vreeling of Ki2 we develop various field visits in the City of Rotterdam for several directors of the Hogeschool Rotterdam. The visits and program are related to the Roadmap Next Economy.

Who’s Kiki:

Kiki is an experienced Personal Leadership and Mindfulness trainer with a master in Business Administration and a post-academic education in mindfulness. She has several years of experience in consulting and training.

Surprised by the fact that focus, mindfulness and the cognitive model is not a fundamental part of leadership or business education, Kiki Vreeling designed her own program on Personal Mindful Leadership combining her knowledge of Business Administration and Mindfulness.

The strength of this eclectic program is the combination of subjects that were taught separately and not per se in leadership but have a deep interwoven connection. It is about being your best self in every situation and being able to be flexible yet strong in what is asked for in a given situation. This requires a great deal of self-awareness, focus and insight in how you and your thoughts work leading to how you can work with yourself instead of against yourself.

She first delivered this training at the Hogeschool Rotterdam where she trained end year students. The average waiting list was 200 people from the start and has been like this ever time she taught this training.

Being an RSM alumni and aware of the need of this new perspective to leadership skills, she offered an eight weeks program to her own former professors and managers of RSM. The results were more than encouraging; people said it changed their lives.

She is asked to use her program as input in leadership programs of organisations and at business schools. Among her clients are the University of Leiden, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam School of Management, Hogeschool Rotterdam, OVG Real Estate, Denso Automotive, Essent.

Not only does she combine her two interests in work but also in research. As a PhD she researches the effects of mindfulness on leadership in a most crucial environment: the medical setting.

The programs Kiki offers evoke a leadership that steps out of the ordinary. Her subjects are supported by scientific evidence and Kiki strongly advocates the practice of mindfulness in relation to business settings.

For more information we refer to the Ki2 website.